Bookmaker - Bet365 review by

Bookmaker - Bet365 review by

Germany bookmaker bet365 review by

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Verdi Ramzy

Warastra 90 FM 01/06/2017 0

Name : Achmad Bastari

Nick Name : Babaz

On Air Name : Verdi Ramzy

Tempat, Tgl Lahir : Plaju Palembang, 18 November 1976

Profesi Lain : Mc, Md Acara, Voice Editor, Voice Over, Juri

Hobby : Like Singing Very Much, All About Music, Writting Sometimes

E-Mail : Bazthary@Gmail.Com

Instagram : Bazthary

Twitter : @Beeramzy

Youtube : Babaz Babaz

Motto : Be Yourself And Let The Life Flows

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